Thursday, February 17, 2011

~WeDDiNG FaVoRs~

Got our souvenirs from The Wedding Mansion, a shop located here in Singapore that sells wedding favors and accessories. I found out about this while searching for souvenirs online and was happy to know that there's a local shop that we can visit and see the actual items. We thought that it would be easier for us to decide what to get rather than base our decision on online photos. Generally, the actual items don't give justice to the images posted on the web. When we visited the shop, unfortunately they do not have the sample of the items we saw online but, yet, we still ended up ordering them. We were crossing our fingers while closing the deal. :)

Tandy, the sales person, was very accommodating and he responded promptly to our inquiries and questions. The only "sablay" was, upon knowing that the delivery of our orders was delayed, he didn't call to inform me that our goods already came. When I e-mailed him for a follow-up, he replied that he sent an email last week to inform me that the shipment has already arrived. Apparently, I didn't received any e-mail at all. In response to good service, he should have called confirming the email he sent. Due to this confusion, I'm not sure when our orders exactly came. Now that I have it already, I just can't wait pimping it out! :)

click here if you want to see more of their items. :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

~InVitaTioN AnD GoWns UpDate~

Weee!! Finally! Our invites will be ready this saturday and on that same day, I will have my first fitting with tita mila. :) I've been worrying about this since last month and I just can't wait for this day to come. :) In the meantime, please check out our mock invites from WINK :) *wink*

Monday, January 31, 2011

~CouPLe ShoWeR By MASP~

Last Saturday, our friends from MASP (our photography group) threw a party for us to celebrate our upcoming wedding :)The night was filled with delectable food paired with fun and laughter and everybody seemed to enjoy the games. And as expected, we received naughty and funny gifts from them. Thanks guys! Sharing the pics :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

~PReNuP LeG 5~

Leg 5 of our E-session. This time we're with Kuya Oliver, Abcd, and Pola, our photog cum stylist hehe!

Another fun fun shoot :)

January 23, 2011
Clementi Old Train Tracks (Sunset Way)





W@WSG is a community of Filipino soon-to-weds and newlyweds based in Singapore.

Last January 14, a mini-EB was organized at Starbucks Raffles Place in City Hall for them to finally see the faces behind the emails. But when the original venue proved to be small for the turnout, they moved to a bigger venue (New York New York in CityLink Mall), essentially turning the mini-EB into a Mega EB.
The SG-based W@Wies exchanged tips and stories about their wedding preps. Those who have recently gotten married shared feedback about their chosen wedding suppliers.
A favorite photo of ours was this collage of the W@Wies showing off their respective engagement rings.

from left to right, top to bottom: Joanna, Cathy, Nicky, Donna, Analyn, Rona, Sugar, Russel, Jeddah, Kathy, Laarni, and Maan

More photos from this EB of W@Wies in Singapore are posted here
Mabuhay ang W@WSG!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


After several online searching for nice and unique wedding favors, I finally found this site which caught my attention. They sell beautiful wedding favors, gifts, & accessories which are not so common unlike other online stores. Usually, all these online shops are based in the US so the shipping fee and delivery time is another thing to worry about. I was so happy when I found out that this online store has a shop here in SG so me and Ian went there to see what they have. Fortunately, i found the wedding favor that I wanted, exactly the same as the photo that I saved in my PC. :) It's a cute picnic basket that matches our theme then it's up to us to modify it. Here's the pic that I grabbed from their website :)



if you want to know more about them and see more of their wedding favors, click here


One of most active w@wies in SG, Sis Rona, decided to organize a mini EB after finding out that there were actually quite a number of SG based w@wies who are active in the yahoo group forum.

She started a thread inviting w@wies SG for a mini EB at Starbucks Raffles Place in City Hall. But because of the overwhelming response from the excited w@wies, she suggested a bigger venue which is still around the area of city hall for the convenience of everybody.

January 14, 2011 was a fun and exciting night for all these w@wies because they got to see the faces behind the names/signature in the w@w group. Super saya because everything was just about weddings. :) We exchanged stories about our wedding preps & one of the couple there (patrick and lara) who just got married last december, shared their experience and tips to us. Spontaneous suppliers ratings agad. Among us all, I was the earliest who'll get married so everybody was also very excited for me, asking me if I have completed my suppliers already. I also got the chance to share my knowledge and experience. What's flattering was that some of them even took down notes :) Rona, the promoter, of course was also in a very good mood sharing her stories. She brought a friend, not a w@wie, but was scheduled to get married on March 20, 2011 who is equally affected with the w@w atmosphere. (I guess she's not yet too late to be a w@wie)*wink*

Ian stood up as our official photographer during that night.Thanks to you bee :)

We had our group hug pictures taken by the staff of New York New York, one of them almost dropped Ian's camera. hehe!

Then we had another group picture taken at the City Hall MRT station this time, me, Ian and Rona took turns in taking shots.

I guess it's a memorable experience to everyone. :) We met new friends, took home wedding knowledge and we became each other's part of our own wedding preps story.